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Fun with Green Games

Clean Sweep USA
There's lots to learn about solid waste management: Garbage pizza, Waste watchers (make less waste in the first place), Compost Office, Recycling Rules, Energy to Burn (burning waste to generate electricity), Landfill Lounge (how landfills work)

EEK! Environmental Education for Kids
Learn about animals, the earth, and people who work in environmental jobs with this online magazine from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Recycle City
A game, an interactive book, and other puzzles will teach you hundreds of ways a whole town can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Thirstin's Word Scramble Game
In this animated game, you'll unscramble words to show how much you know about water.

What on Earth?
Play for points and try to beat the clock in this quiz about air, water, and land.

Play games, learn stuff and even fill out a job application to join this superhero’s A-list of highly responsible super avengers for a clean America!

Garbage Dreams
In Egypt, the Zabaleen people have survived by collecting and recycling garbage. In this game you have 8 months to live like the Zabaleen and build your recycling empire. Learn more about these people and a documentary PBS made about their lives after playing this game.

Recycle Roundup
This fun National Geographic Kids game challenges you to sort as much waste as possible into the recycling, trash or compost bins in two minutes.

Dead Ringers
A fun Mobile Mayhem game helps you discover why cell phone recycling is important. The rest of the site tells you what people are doing to combat the unnecessary waste sometimes created by cell phones!