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It's in LaPorte County, Indiana


Composting: Wooden Pallet Bin

A very inexpensive bin can be made using wooden pallets. These bins cost almost nothing and you divert pallets that would eventually end up in the landfill. This design includes a removable front to make it easy to turn the compost.


  • Four wooden pallets
  • 32 wood screws or bailing wire
  • Four bolt latches

Building a Wooden Pallet Bin
  1. Assembly is easy, just screw or wire three of the pallets together.
  2. Attach bolt latches to the frount edge of the bin and the last pallet to make a removable door.

Tip for dryer climates: For dry climates, this bin should be lined with plastic. This helps keep the pile moist and decrease the composting period. Staple a sheet of plastic to the three sides of the bin and staple a separate plastic sheet to the front door.

Variations: This bin can be easily converted into a two bin system using just 6 pallets. In a two bin system, the compost is turned by emptying the full bin into the empty one and back again. If you have lots of compostable material you could expand it to a three-bin system using 10 pallets. You build a pile in the first bin turning it into the second and then the third.