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El Plan del Distrito se presentó en octubre de 1992 y finalmente obtuvo la aprobación del

 3535 S. Franklin St. Ciudad de Michigan

 Karwick Plaza Ciudad de Michigan
Perhaps you've attended one of our Saturday HHW Mobile Collections and seen, first hand, all those guys and gals walking around in white Tyvek suits. They may look like creatures from another world, but they wear those protective suits to be sure our high safety standards are met and exceeded.
Our HHW Program has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Not only do we collect the ordinary household waste products which can be harmful to our environment, we've added collections for Sharps and non-controlled substance medications.
We focus on getting residents in and out of these collections within 10 minutes. However, sometimes lines can grow and folks get impatient because they have to wait. While this is understandable, this FREE program is a necessity to our community and well worth a bit of waiting time. To hurry through a collection could lead to mistakes, and we are ever mindful of how dangerous those mistakes could be to all concerned.
We have become one of the largest mercury collection sites (for homes) in the state, and we are proud of our statistics in this department. Mercury is dangerous; it's not something to be handled carelessly.


*Kabelin Ace Hardware 512 Andrew Avenue, LaPorte

*Kabelin Ace Hardware 432 St. John Street, ciudad de Michigan
You may bring these dangerous items to one of our Household Hazardous Waste collections on specific dates scheduled each year. The Sharps MUST be contained in a sealed metal or hard plastic container, such as a coffee can or a detergent bottle with a screw-on lid (no milk jugs).
We all remember the old days when we were told to flush outdated medications down the drain or toilet, right? Oh so wrong!! Some medications, especially in areas were there are wells and septic systems, can leach and pollute drinking water. Anyone with an allergy could become ill by ingesting water contaminated with medications meant to heal. Even in septic systems, antibiotics can kill the natural enzymes necessary to kill the very bacteria which breaks down waste.
Bring your old meds, in their bottles, to our collections. SHARPS and Meds are collected by someone trained to handle them; they are disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Sorry, we can't accept controlled medications.
HHW Collections are held once per month in LaPorte County, May through October, though the locations of the Mobile unit change for this event. Please remember, we DO NOT accept latex paint.

Sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2022, de 8 am a 1 pm – Recinto ferial del condado de La Porte *2581 W State Road 

 Mobile Collection Program

*Complejo del Condado del Departamento de Salud del Condado de La Porte - 4to piso, La Porte
    •    Amunition, flares and fireworks
    •    Aerosols
    •    Automotive Supplies
         ◦    Antifreeze
         ◦    Oils and other fluids
    •    Batteries
         ◦    Automotive
         ◦    Household
    •    Corrosives
    •    Expired Medications
    •    Mercury Containing Products
         ◦    Fluorescent Tubes
         ◦    Thermometers - silver bulbs
         ◦    Thermostats
         ◦    Other mercury containing items
    •    Outdated Medications (No controlled meds)
    •    Paint And Related Products
         ◦    Oil based paint - bring oil based paint to the mobile collections; remove lid from latex paint cans, allow to dry completely, and dispose of with your regular garbage.
         ◦    Thinners
         ◦    Solvents
    •    Sharps
    •    Pesticides
         ◦    Fungicides
         ◦    Herbicides
         ◦    Insecticides
         ◦    Other Poisons
    •    Waste Fuels
         ◦    Diesel
         ◦    Gasoline
         ◦    Kerosene
         ◦    Other Flammable Liquids
What Is Not Accepted? 
    •    Explosives
         ◦    Contact your local fire department for disposal
    •    Commercial Hazardous Waste
         ◦    Contact our office at (219) 326-0014 for more information.
    •    Medical Waste
    •    Radio-active Materials



*Edificio antiguo de REMC114 S Main Street, Wanatah

*Iglesia Metodista Unida de Tracy 1702 US Hwy 6, LaPorte

*Distrito de Residuos Sólidos 2857 W. State Rd. 2, Suite 3, La PuertaView more information.


Drop it & Lock it

We can accept non-controlled medications only. Please reference Drug Free La Porte County for futher disposal options.



Latex Paint Disposal

We cannot accept latex paint for collection. Please reference latex information page for futher disposal options.


Safe & Convenient

Open to La Porte County residents, our free hazardous waste collections provide a safe and convenient way for residents to dispose of dangerous chemicals and Sharps (injection needles/syringes). Not only do these collections keep pollution out of our environment and drinking water, they also protect waste industry workers from injury on the job.

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