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Household Hazardous Waste Season Kicks Off

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Our first event of the season is coming up on Saturday May 18th at the La Porte County Fairgrounds. The event runs from 9am-2pm. Are you curious about what you can bring to our event? Here is a rundown of items we accept;

All household cleaners, aerosol cans, ammunitions, anti-freeze, autobody filler, auto batteries, auto paint, ballasts, brake fluid, car wax with solvent, CFL's (compact fluorescent lights), cooking oil, diesel fluid, elemental mercury (place in a clear sealable bags), fertilizers, fluorescent tubes (please tape together), fuel-oil based, fungicides, gun cleaning solvents, halogen bulbs, herbicide, household batteries, insecticide, lawn chemicals, LED bulbs, lighter fluid, medicines (please bring in a sealed plastic bag), moth balls, oil based paint, paint brush cleaner, paint thinner, paint stripper, pesticides, photographic chemicals, pond chemicals, primer, rat/mouse/ rodent poison, rust remover, septic tank degreasers, sharps/syringes (please place in a hard sided container such as a laundry detergent bottle), swimming pool chemicals, switches containing mercury (please place in a clear sealable bag), thermostats (please place in a clear sealable bag), weed killer. We also accept grill size propane tanks and smaller.

All materials need to be in containers 5 gallon or smaller.

At the May 18th event which is also a 5-in-1 we will be accepting Household Hazardous Waste, Appliances (Freon does not need to be already removed, Electronics (if it plugs in or has electronic components we can accept it), paperwork for Shredding (please bring boxed), Tires (first four car/truck tires free, each additional $1 per car/truck tire. Semi/tractor tires are $5 each, Tires 54" tread to tread or larger are $75 each.) Tires do not need to be derimmed, however rims will not be returned.

Any questions call us at 219-326-0014 or email

Other dates for Household Hazardous Waste

June 22nd- La Porte Fair Grounds

July 13th- Michigan City Marquette Mall West parking lot

August 10th- Kankakee Valley REMC

September 21st- La Porte County Fairgrounds (FALL 5-IN-1)

October 19th- Michigan City Marquette Mall West parking lot

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