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Residential Recycling Guide

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Recycling CollectionTips

  • Place items in your provided blue toter and place at the curb street side (no alleys) by 6am on the day of your scheduled pickup. If you do not have a bin, call our office at 219-326-0014 to have one delivered or picked up at your convenience. 

  • If you have extra recycling that does not fit into your bin, please place it next to your recycling bin bagged in white or clear trash/ recycling bags, kitchen size or larger. No grocery store sized bags or black bags will be picked up. 

  • Cardboard boxes need to be flattened to a size of no larger than 2 ft. sq.

  • When recycling lids, please reattach them to the item they originally came with and not place in your bin separately. 

  • Please do not place yard waste, liquids, fabric, wood, or food waste into your recycling toter. 

  • Appliances, tires, and household hazardous waste needs to be brought to one of our scheduled collection dates and not placed in your recycling toter. 

  • We accept plastics that are labeled with  a # 1,2,3,4,5, or 7 marked inside of the recycling triangle on that item. We do not accept # 6 plastics at this time. 

  • When placing items in your recycling toter try to remember which items are accepted through our program. We are able to take most items that you can find in a grocery store. The recycling facility that we use is unable to process bulky, large items at this time. 

  • We accept glass bottles and jars, but not glass from windows, mirrors, dishes, lightbulbs, or pottery.  


 If you are in doubt as to whether an item can be recycled or not, please do not hesitate to call us or stop in.