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Good "Guys" Wear White Suits
Perhaps you've attended one of our Saturday HHW Mobile Collections and seen, first hand, all those guys and gals walking around in white Tyvek suits. They may look like creatures from another world, but they wear those protective suits to be sure our high safety standards are met and exceeded.
Our HHW Program has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Not only do we collect the ordinary household waste products which can be harmful to our environment, we've added collections for Sharps and non-controlled substance medications.
We focus on getting residents in and out of these collections within 10 minutes. However, sometimes lines can grow and folks get impatient because they have to wait. While this is understandable, this FREE program is a necessity to our community and well worth a bit of waiting time. To hurry through a collection could lead to mistakes, and we are ever mindful of how dangerous those mistakes could be to all concerned.
We have become one of the largest mercury collection sites (for homes) in the state, and we are proud of our statistics in this department. Mercury is dangerous; it's not something to be handled carelessly.


All hazardous waste must be brought to our HHW collections in 5-gallon containers or smaller. Please contact the District at 326-0014 with any questions or concerns about this program change.

This program is for residents only, not businesses.

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