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Our History

The Solid Waste District of LaPorte County was formed in 1991 to reconcile the abundance of materials entering the waste stream.  In order to comply with and hoping to exceed the State of Indiana's goals, a twenty year plan was formulated.  The dynamics of this plan was designed to reduce the amount of solid waste incinerated and disposed of in the landfills by 40% before January 1, 1996 and 60% before January 1, 2001.  The State's mandates (House Enrolled Act 1240, HEA 1240 and Senate Enrolled Act 25, SEA 25) called for 35% and 50% respectively.

The District's Plan was submitted in October 1992 and eventually met with the approval of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).  In addition to the goals of reduction, the Plan called for provisions to assure the disposal capacity of the remaining solid wastes generated in the District for the next twenty years.

HEA 1266: “On March 26, 2014,
Governor Pence signed into law House Enrolled Act 1266 (“HEA 1266”). HEA 1266 includes provisions that transition the process of advertising political subdivision budgets and levies from a newspaper system to an online system through the Department of Local Government Finance’s Gateway website. However, for 2015 only, political subdivisions will also have to publish their budgets and levies in the newspaper in the manner required in the past budget years. For taxes due and payable in 2016, notices will not be printed in the newspaper and will be available at or by calling (888) 739-9826.”

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